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Project management

Project management training

Becoming a project manager requires skills in planning, organizing and executing, as well as mastery of specific tools (MS Project, SmartSheet, etc.). Following the PMBOK standard or being PMP certified can help, but that's not all. Project managers (PMs) must also develop their soft skills, including communication, leadership and change management abilities.

Technologia has set up a comprehensive training program with GPBL experts, whose aim is "to help participants and organizations prioritize the right projects with the right tools, in the right way" (Benoit Lalonde).

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How to do project management right

By taking advantage of training courses that cover both the basics of project management and advanced notions.
Training can cover the entire project lifecycle, or more specific aspects (risks, costs, resources, stakeholders, scope, etc.).

Our training courses cover all project management needs, whatever the method (traditional or agile), tools (Gantt, Kanban, Jira, MS Project, Smartsheet) or framework (Disciplined Agile, SAFe, Prince...). These training courses will help you become an effective project manager, having developed the knowledge and skills that will enable you to manage both simple and complex projects.

Technologia and GPBL also offer a coaching service, available to organizations, for specific deliverables requiring customized project management.

Why project management?

Project management helps to define project objectives and expectations clearly and precisely. Secondly, it helps reduce the risks and unforeseen events that may arise during the course of the project. Finally, it maximizes the use of available resources.

Mastering these aspects means delivering a project that meets expectations and satisfies the customer, and not just respects constraints (schedule, resources, budget).

Why train in project management?

You don't just become a project manager.
According to PMI, 50% of projects fail because there is no qualified PM to manage the entire project lifecycle: initiation, planning, implementation and closure.

What's more, organizations are increasingly operating in project mode, regardless of the department involved. Knowing the ins and outs of good project management enables you to :

  • Ensure realistic planning,
  • That meets clear objectives and is aligned with the strategic vision,
  • Manage the entire process (helping staff to deal with the right tasks at the right time, not as they arrive).
  • Control quality (by precisely defining each deliverable)
  • Reduce costs by improving efficiency

Characteristics of the project management training offered by Technologia and GPBL

The project management training offer covers all the needs of future PMs or PCOs, whether they are beginners or seasoned professionals, with training on both the basics and advanced concepts, for both simple and complex projects:

  • A training offering that covers all professional needs;
  • Adaptable training courses, a must in project management;
  • Customized in-company training to meet specific needs;
  • Recognized interventions to generate strong mobilization within teams and improve the performance of our customers' projects.

Training in Project management

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