Languages and application development environment

Languages and application development environment

Tools, platforms and development languages are constantly evolving across many environments, including cloud systems and other various application hosting solutions through the launch of new versions, appearance of new add-ins, integration with new frameworks, merging of libraries, etc.

In this respect, it is of great importance to keep pace with the market’s technology offers provided to ensure the sustainability of information assets and security of companies and individuals, alike.

Technologia will, therefore, allow you to always remain knowledgeable about many popular technologies through regularly updated and disseminated courses.

You will, also, learn more about all what is related to the most popular development languages used within applications (on iOS or Android), as well as to formatting (such as CSS and HTML), to the management and integration of services and APIs, and to the management of integration solution into containers.

Dedicated training courses – on as PHP, JavaScript, Hibernate, .NET, Angular, React, Docker, Kubernetes, RxJs, Ionic, etc. – are, thus, offered to serve various segments of beneficiaries.

Training in Languages and application development environment

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