Terms of use

Terms of use


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Withdrawal from commitment

The entire Technologia Web site (including copies, photographs, graphics, links, etc.) is a summary of the organization's overall offering and is made available solely as a means of providing general information. It can be modified without advance notice and incorporates no guarantees whatsoever.

Technologia cannot ensure that the contents and functionalities of its Web site will be available at all times, nor does it guarantee the security of the information handled by its servers.

All e-mails, comments, suggestions or other information shared or submitted to Technologia via its Web pages or in response to a survey on its site become and shall remain the property of Technologia.

Technologia reserves the right to change the conditions mentioned herewith and to make modifications to any of the courses, seminars or other services described on this Web site. Technologia is also entitled to change training dates and locations or to cancel sessions at any time, and this with no advance notice or liability.

In the event of a cancellation, Technologia's policy is such that the company will only refund the applicable course registration fees. All other costs (for example, transportation, accommodations, etc.) will remain the responsibility of individual participants. Technologia will notify participants of any changes or cancellations as quickly as possible.


You can cancel at no cost up to 14 days before the start of your course. A cancellation within 14 days of the start date will incur a late cancellation fee of 35%. Should you wish to postpone your training to a later date, an administrative fee of 15% will be charged. If you cancel on the first day of the course or if you do not show up for the course, all registration fees are payable and no refund will be offered.

All cancellation or postponement requests must be made by email sent to formation@technologia.ca.

We allow substitution of participants at no charge up to the start day of the course.

Third-party or manufacturer data

All third party or manufacturer data is offered by third parties or manufacturers and made available by Technologia free of charge. While Technologia makes every effort to disseminate quality information that is as up to date as possible, it is in no way responsible for third-party or manufacturer claims or promises. Technologia may in no instance be held liable for erroneous guarantees, outdated, incomplete or faulty data, or any other element involving a specific third party or manufacturer.

Links to other sites

Technologia's Web site features links to other external or associated sites, but may in no instance be held responsible for the contents or information displayed on these sites. We urge users who click on one of these external links to carefully read the related security and confidentiality policies, as they are essentially visiting these sites (external to www.technologia.com) at their own risk.

Prioritizing your comments and complaints

Should you believe that Technologia has failed to abide by the principles stated in its Code regarding the protection of personal information, you can file a complaint with the Technologia representative responsible for the Code's internal application. Please send any such complaints or comments to Estelle Mendy, Technologia's Marketing Director, at: 440, René-Lévesque West, 5th floor, Montréal (Québec) H2Z 1V7.

Technologia promises to investigate all complaints regarding violations of its Code and to take all measures subsequently deemed necessary. This could include making changes to the Code or the organization's practices. We also promise to keep you informed of the results of any investigation initiated in response to your complaint.

Price of courses

All prices on our website are expressed in Canadian dollars.


Do not hesitate to contact our Customer Service Department for more information on our practices governing the protection of personal information.