Datas and AI

Datas and AI

Artificial intelligence (AI) – a vast and multifaceted discipline – has been around for many years. It aims at leveraging operational information to improve organizational performance, allowing companies to assess the importance of introducing artificial intelligence as part of their dedicated tools.

Hence, all AI-embedded technologies are, now, increasingly powerful and sophisticated.

In this respect, the connection to ever more numerous and richer data sources (i.e., Web, Big Data, Connected Objects, etc.) and the evolution of stockage solutions increase the impact and importance of improving a company’s performance, thus allowing the prevention of incidents or accidents, the identification of risky behaviors, the detection of trends and the anticipation of actions (i.e., supply of stocks, changes of routes, load shedding of energy networks, preventive treatments, etc.).

Hence, the interdependence of data acquisition, storage, access, and advanced processing systems makes it possible to materialize such concrete benefits.

This would, therefore, require the development of an understanding and mastery of such different technologies, starting with the different storage models adopted.

Databases are, therefore, used to store, manage and secure large volumes of data. Many database management systems (DBMS) coexist on the market, whether as part of a software package (i.e., ERP, CRM, XRM, SCM, etc.) or as a system dedicated to Business Intelligence (BI), thus integrating Big Data.

From the different types of modeling required to structure and organize the data to the many technical tools available to that end… the choice is – definitely – vast.

What is, then, the difference between database and data warehouse? What is, then, the difference between data cube and counter?

Hence, the understanding of key concepts and their integration into a holistic approach allows the exploitation and optimization of data access efficiently and effectively.

The use of this AI-empowered data is, therefore, reflected through integration into relevant organizational processes.

To that end, Technologia offers several training courses to understand and master the integration of data and AI into the company’s tools and processes.

Training in Datas and AI

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