Microsoft and Google tools

Microsoft and Google tools

In addition to our public and private training programs, Technologia offers coaching services. For more information on our coaching services, please call us at 514-380-0380.

MS 365 or Microsoft Services and Coaching.

Microsoft Partner

  • Collaboration
  • File management
  • Project management
  • Remote work
  • Mobility
  • Process fluidity and automation

We offer a 360° service aimed at accompanying companies from the beginning of the process to a sustainable implementation of perennial work structures.

Services offered:

  1. Migration. Optional service if required.
  2. Opportunity analysis. Diagnose and identify optimization opportunities to optimize internal work processes, choose tools, or achieve a successful digital transformation with office365.
  3. Collaboration and communication. Optimize your collaboration, work, and communication methods with Microsoft 365. Also, maximize your remote collaboration environment with a Sharepoint Online intranet.
  4. Document management. Create and effectively use Microsoft 365 for electronic document management.
  5. Automation. Automate your business processes with Power Automate.

For more information on our coaching service, please call us at 514-380-0380.

Training in Microsoft and Google tools

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