Capacity development

Capacity development

Who doesn't wish to develop their capacities? Nobody, a priori! However, many people are still not necessarily aware of the potential limitations and obstacles facing their path, preventing them from achieving their objectives (whether to deliver a project, to organize a file or to simply clean up emails). Nor are we always aware of the possibilities that lie dormant within us that, if harnessed, would help us make a real difference.

It is always deemed more difficult to achieve a certain job balance when set deliverables are not met. Hence, capacity development would allow to give yourself the means to get there and go above and beyond.

In a company, two dimensions naturally exist and must be taken into account, namely oneself and others to act upon.

Hence, when you work on ensuring capacity development, you are – therefore – acting on a personal level all concretely, whether by changing your working or thinking approaches. In both cases, it is possible to act because – contrary to popular belief – we can make a change!

Change can happen when we start working on ourselves, when we start taking actions to adjust our behavior and mindset, thus targeting our know-hows (i.e., operational skills) and interpersonal skills (i.e., social skills), alike!

This could, therefore, be carried out through the development of our emotional intelligence (to identify our motives and success conditions, etc.) or self-confidence (to assert ourselves and respect others and to feel the ability to take up challenges), as well as through the improvement of our working posture or use of meditation techniques, while reviewing our stress management approach from a more practical perspective, as well as our time and priority management methodology, which could make all the difference between the time controlled and mastered. This could, also, be achieved through the adoption of the right approach to manage the potential changes that would affect us, by taking a step back, analyzing the prevailing context and working on our state of mind, among others.

Numerous ways do exist to take control, ensure capacity development and find our own place regardless of the company mandate or context.

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