Leadership and talent management

Leadership and talent management

To identify, ensure the retention of and grant high-potential people all the means to develop their skills and capacities, thus becoming the key players of tomorrow and achieving future aspirations: A challenge for companies and managers, alike!

As always, companies have evolved; some have managed to move from a vertical leadership approach (where managers instruct their teams to carry out allocated tasks) to a more horizontal one (where the information is shared and the teams are more autonomous and empowered). Despite the fact that generations follow, they do not – however – resemble; taking over requires listening and adapting, indeed! In this respect, it is worth mentioning that talent management begins by granting employees all the good reasons not to look for another opportunity elsewhere.

To demonstrate leadership is to go beyond seeking to fill a vacancy or reach a certain hierarchical level; and, even though management skills, talented people and an allocated budget constitute key leadership components, a good or bad leader is never assessed thereupon. A leader is also – and above all – evaluated based on their ability to develop the know-hows and interpersonal skills – required to serve as an effective channel between the achievement of business objectives and team motivation. This mutual exchange is all the more important as we witness four – or even five – generations coexisting together in a company despite their very different habits, references, strengths and desires.

With an increasingly broader mandate, to lead is to – also – know how to surround oneself with the right people, to delegate and to trust, thus requiring the ability to know oneself well and listen to others. A true leader is, therefore, one exerting influence and not power! A leader exists in each and every one of us in one way or another! For all those who would wish to grow their potential, it is deemed possible for them to develop all the required skills to unite a team together and thus, promote the company.


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