Language mastery

Language mastery

In the world of work, it is common to have to communicate in either French of English.

Whether written or spoken, the mastery of the language codes contributes to the credibility of the communicator. Even though the form prevails over the substance at first, avoiding the most obvious syntax errors will, also, help in building self-confidence.

Let’s always remember; most of the exchanged office communications are in writing (i.e., including e-mails, instant messages, presentations, reports, etc.). It is, therefore, necessary to communicate without making mistakes or generating comprehension problems, as well as to ensure that the content is suitable. And; with a view to develop your business writing skills, make sure to adapt the tone, vocabulary and style according to the nature of the message and the audience to whom it is addressed.

The art of writing in French: Do the grammar, spelling, vocabulary or even conjugation constitute topics that you would like to further explore? Would you like to learn how to write in French without worrying about making spelling mistakes or expressing yourselves badly?

Training in Language mastery

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