Training Grants

Training Grants

Thanks to various government initiatives, certain training courses or services related to skills development, employability or transformation can benefit from subsidies and thus lighten the budgetary burden of companies.

Training Grants

Law on skills, known as the 1% law

Any company with a payroll of more than $2 million must invest the equivalent of at least 1% of that payroll in training activities.

How to benefit from the 1% law

Simply declare the amount invested to Revenu Québec.

Technologia's training programs are recognized by Emploi-Québec and eligible for the 1% law.

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Subsidies and other Grants

The Ministère de l'économie et de l'innovation (MEI) offers subsidies of up to 50% of the cost of training, if the training is aimed at developing skills.

These grants are available to employed workers, to :

  • Encourage skills development
  • Increase productivity
  • Ensure competitiveness
  • Enhance the value of employees
  • Encourage their internal development
  • Help them to be mobile

Training employees means allowing them to follow the company's evolutions (technological among others).

Moreover, when a new technology is implemented, the government can help diagnose the skills present and those needed to facilitate the implementation of the technology.

Technologia also offers this service.

How to benefit from these grants

Numerous organizations can benefit from these grants (private companies, cooperatives, non-profit organizations, Municipalities...). Only public agencies and political organizations are not eligible.

To benefit from this assistance measure, all you have to do is demonstrate that a training program would help keep people employed, increase the performance of your employees or increase mobility within your company.

You can find more information on the government website.

These grants are managed by your Services Québec offices. Therefore, conditions may apply and it is essential to contact your office with your Business Number. Through the Service Bureau Locator you can access local counselors throughout the territory. They are able to perform a pre-diagnosis to evaluate the needs.

Our training courses

We offer both public and in-house training, in person and virtually.

Whatever the topic you are interested in, our trainings are eligible to the program.

Furthermore, we offer companies customized solutions, depending on their needs and the number of people to be trained.

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More training grants

More grants

Initiatives exist to provide subsidies that can, sometimes, cover more than 50% of estimated training costs. One such initiative is the Commission des partenaires du marché du travail (CPMT). Indeed, the CPMT offers various programs to improve the qualification and skills of the workforce. One of its objectives is to ensure that the transformation of companies also involves the continuous training of employees.

Important: the rate of support is subject to change and you must validate it with the authorities in question. Furthermore, the figures given here are not a guarantee; only the evaluation by the authorized body will validate your grant request and, if applicable, its amount.

Any transformation (especially digital) of a company should be accompanied by a transformation of staff skills. First, to ensure they have the skills to support the transformation, and second, to address the labor shortage.

Four programs are offered:

  • Impulsion compétences: enhance workforce skills through skills training (covers a portion of eligible expenses + salary reimbursements + training funding assistance). Aims to develop new training or update existing training. Suitable for long term training.
  • Short-term training (COUD) in alternation: focuses on internships in occupations prioritized by the CPMT. To help workers acquire skills they don't have for their jobs (new hire, promotion, requalification, etc.).
  • Ambitions compétences: to develop the skills of the workforce or requalify it so that it is able to support changes related to the green transition or digital transformation. 
  • Évolution compétences: increase knowledge related to the development of skills needed for the labor market and develop and experiment with innovative training methods. Can reach 100% of eligible expenses.

Who can benefit from these programs and grants

Collective promoters: group of employers' associations, sectoral workforce committees, union associations, joint committees, franchisors, Aboriginal organizations, chambers of commerce, etc., that bring together several businesses with common training needs.

Very suitable for SMEs that have few in-house HR resources to deal with them.

Technologia's training sessions can be presented by a collective promoter. The important thing is that the training contributes to improving skills, whether the training exists or is custom-developed, regardless of the hierarchical level of the target audience.

Collective promoters can use training organizations such as Technologia to develop training content. It is not mandatory that they be responsible for developing the training content.

Digital transformation Grants

85% Grants for Artificial Intelligence Integration and Digital Transformation

Artificial intelligence is already here and digital transformation is in full swing. It's time for companies to embrace and integrate them into their business reality... today! SCALE AI supports the implementation of digital transformation and the integration of AI in all industries, regardless of the size of the company.

SCALE AI's mission is to "facilitate the adoption of AI across industries to drive productivity and increase competitiveness."


  • Improve decision making
  • Increase workforce performance
  • Exploit new opportunities

As such, Scale AI supports investment in training related to A.I. or digital transformation.

These grants can reach up to 85% of the training investment, on the first $100,000.

How to qualify for SCALE AI grants

The organization subsidizes customized training that touches on artificial intelligence and digital skills development, anywhere in the country.

You can apply for funding on this page.

Our eligible trainings:

Reminder: public sessions are not considered by Scale AI, only custom versions of these trainings are.

Cybersécurité : prévenir et détecter les intrusions

Cybersécurité : implanter selon ISO 27001 et 27002

MS SQL : exploiter Server Reporting Services (SSRS)

MS SQL : exploiter Server Analysis Services (SSAS)

MS SQL : exploiter Server Integration Services (SSIS)

Programmation SQL : optimiser son utilisation

BD : concevoir et modéliser un entrepôt de données

SQL Server : optimiser les performances

Power BI : niveau intermédiaire

Power BI : niveau avancé

Power BI : optimiser les modèles de données avec DAX

I.A. : valoriser vos données pour créer des opportunités d'affaires

I.A. : introduire ses principes dans vos projets d'entreprise

Power Automate : fonctionnalités essentielles 

Power Apps : fonctionnalités essentielles

Conteneurs : les essentiels de Docker

MS PowerShell : administrer et créer des outils d'automatisation

(non-definitive list)