Project management, transformation and operation

Project management, transformation and operation

The achievement of the company’s sustainability goes – among other things – through three key elements, as follows:

  • Innovation and – more broadly – improvement: This would allow to adapt to potential market fluctuations and – therefore – to remain or become competitive. To that end, dedicated procedures and a favorable state of mind must be developed to ensure continuous improvement and digital transformation, which will affect all company sectors equally.
  • Operations: The operations steer the company’s wheel of business and – therefore – have a holistic view of its expenses and profits. Operations may – or may not – appreciate the optimization of human and budgetary resources. Depending on their observations, they may request to make adjustments to preserve a certain level of employee performance.
  • Project Management: In a way or another, project management is influenced by the other two elements. On the one hand, innovation and transformation will encourage the launch of new projects; whereas – on the other hand – operations will endorse the success or failure of these same projects. Project management is, therefore, a key position to be fulfilled across the company, thus assuming the responsibility of delivering desired results within a defined framework (i.e., time, budget and resources), while demonstrating that such expected results do exist and that a profit has – indeed – taken place.


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