Obtain PRINCE2 and DevOps certifications with Technologia

PRINCE2 (PRojects IN Controlled Environments) is both a management method and a certificate in project management. It focuses on 3 activities: organization, management and control of projects.

DevOps is a methodology that consist of aligning all the information system teams (dev engineers and ops engineers) with a common objective.

Technologia, in partnership with Qualit7, offers PRINCE2 and DevOps courses to prepare you for the Foundation and Practitioner certifications. Two levels of training are available to you, including the exam.

What is BRMP?

BRMP training and certification is part of an international professional development program designed to provide a solid level of knowledge in Customer Relationship Management or BRM ("Business Relationship Management").

Obtain your BRMP certification with Technologia

As a Business Unit and Customer Relationship Manager, take advantage of this new 3-day course to prepare for your BRMP certification.

Training in Certifications

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