Marie-Hélène Langlois

A communicator and pedagogue with an innate ability to rally people, Marie-Hélène offers you a highly strategic mindset based on 10 years of experience in recruiting, integrating and retaining personnel, in developing an organizational culture and employer brand positioning.

An astute strategist with a pathway as atypical as it is rich in experiences, Marie-Hélène excels in content development. She reflects with you on plans for taking action, development and coaching tools and programs radically pertinent and closely adapted to the business reality of your company, the collectivity and the individual.

More recently, she established herself as a talent development manager and principal manager for human resources at Vibrant, a Montreal marketing agency. This career path led her to build a very practical experience and a vision of the world of startups, experiential marketing for companies and new technologies.
Marie-Hélène  Langlois