Trainer, speaker and corporate language consultant, Anne Tourigny has over 15 years’ experience in teaching English as a second language.

As a business owner and manager, Anne developed extensive expertise with a highly diversified clientele: law, public relations and investment firms; government departments and agencies as well as advertising and communications agencies. As a cultural representative, she also had the opportunity to work for The Walt Disney Company as part of the World Fellowship Program in Orlando, Florida.

Developing language and translation programs is Anne’s passion, and her work has covered topics as wide-ranging as beginner or advanced English as a second language, pronunciation, business administration, email and speech writing, media crisis management for public relations, customer service, videoconferencing, video segments on language skills and body language.

Since March 2015, Anne Tourigny has been working with the Centre d’aide aux entreprises (CAE) Rive-Nord as a local development agent. She has implemented a series of initiatives intended to foster the social action and economic development of English businesses.
Anne Tourigny