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Task management in Microsoft 365 (AKA Office 365)

October 25, 2021
Serge Tremblay
Task management in Microsoft 365 (AKA Office 365)

Microsoft 365 is a set of services that facilitates collaboration and information sharing. This is the great strength of this architecture: it is thought and designed so that most applications developed by Microsoft communicate with each other. This is also why the online versions of Microsoft software sometimes have more features than the desktop versions.

Among this set of services are applications that facilitate the management and follow-up of tasks. In particular To Do and Planner. To Do is individual oriented and facilitates the management of your tasks, which are isolated in the application. Planner is team oriented and allows you to see all the tasks of each member.

Teams acts as a bridge between the two applications.

To Do et Planner

Microsoft To Do to manage individual tasks

To Do is an application that allows the management and tracking of individual tasks. The interface focuses on your deliverables and your deliverables only, using various markers: what needs to be done today, what is important, what is "flagged", etc.

My Day

In To Do you will find tasks created from :

  • Outlook tasks
To Do - Outlook tasks
  • From the assignment of a task in Planner
Planner task
  • From an Outlook email that is transformed into a task (Mail with indicator)
Outlook mail - task
  • From a task created from a conversation in Teams
Task from Teams
  • From a task created by Power Automate
    Without going into too much detail, Power Automate allows those who have mastered it to automate a number of simple and repetitive actions. For example, a person could automate the creation and assignment of tasks according to a predetermined flow.

Cross-platform management

The To Do application allows you to create to-do lists and add tasks to your day from either your phone or your computer. The available features are identical and the platforms sync with each other naturally (as long as you have a network).

Mobile application
To Do mobile version

Mobile application On computer
My Day - Mobile - ToDo
To Do - desktop

The To Do mobile client on your Android or Apple phone allows you to track your tasks from anywhere!

To Do mobile version

To Do integration with Outlook and Microsoft Teams

On your computer, To Do tasks are integrated by default in Outlook and can be integrated in Microsoft Teams with the Tasks by Planner application.

Integration in MS Outlook Integration in MS Teams
Integration in MS Outlook
Integration in Teams

This makes it easy to follow up depending on which tool you prefer to use. Of course, actions taken on one platform, are reflected on the other so that the data is up to date.

Even if To Do is a personal task management tool, you can create a task list and share this task list with colleagues.

Microsoft Planner to manage team tasks

If you want to create, share and track tasks for a group of users, it is best to use Planner. This will give you a better overview of resources and progress.

Planner is also available on your computer, on your mobile device and can be integrated into Teams.


Planner to manage team tasks



You can group your tasks in a plan by creating compartments


Planner Compartments

You can present tasks in different views (Views), depending on your needs.



Tasks in Planner

These visualization options are reminiscent of the "Kanban" approach dear to agile project managers. However, Planner is not a tool adapted to the management of complex projects.


For simple projects, it offers real flexibility and even the possibility of having follow-up dashboards.


Planner dashboard



Planner integration in Teams

Planner can be integrated into Teams in two ways.

  • Add a tab to a specific plan in a Channel


Planner integration in MS Teams


  • Add the Tasks by Planner application in the left sidebar of the Teams client


Planner integration in MS Teams

Integration of planner tasks in To Do

Tasks that are assigned to you in Planner can also be integrated into your To Do. They will appear in To Do under Assigned to me.

Integration of tasks in To Do


As you can see, To Do and Planner work very well together and can help improve collaboration and productivity, no matter what platform you use (computer, cell phone, tablet...). The separation between individual and team tasks is clear and allows for proper focus. These cloud-based solutions also provide immediate synchronization in case of changes and thus ensure that all stakeholders have up-to-date information.

To go further:

ToDo et Planner : fonctionnalités essentielles



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