Patrick Chouinard

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Patrick Chouinard has more than twenty years of experience in information security and has carried out numerous projects in information technology and security. Over the years, he has acquired an excellent expertise in information security solutions, both in terms of architecture and implementation, as well as an excellent knowledge of a multitude of diverse transactional environments. He is particularly known for the high quality of his analyses and the clarity and precision of his communications. Patrick is also a trainer in information security practices and solutions. Since 2008, he has given more than 250 different trainings such as CISSP, CEH, CHFI, RSA en Vision, RSA SecurID, RSA DLP, RSA Archer, RSA Netwitness, RSA Certificate Manager, BlueCoat, ISO 27001-based Enterprise Security and many others. Patrick has also worked on several large-scale projects, including the implementation of world-class products and solutions in the areas of identity management, governance and risk management, and transactional event processing and telecommunications. He is familiar with complex organizational structures and delivering quality projects on time. Combining a working knowledge of information technology with his expertise as an information security solutions expert, Patrick is the ideal candidate for mandates where technical expertise must be combined with a global project vision, while respecting the company's security standards.
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Patrick Chouinard