Lynne's multidisciplinary brand experience is second to none.

Beginning her career in brand management with multinational FMCG companies such as Kellogg's and Danone, she made the leap to the service industry, where she piloted two of Quebec's biggest transit company rebrands: the STM and EXO (merger of the Agence métropolitaine de transport (AMT) and the 13 municipal and intermunicipal transit organizations in the northern and southern crowns of Greater Montreal).

With strong analytical and communication skills, she knows how to rally and mobilize stakeholders around a common vision. Lynne excels at analyzing customer needs and expectations, and implementing continuous improvement processes and programs. In this capacity, she has led creative teams, deftly combining strategic and creative considerations. Her unique background makes her a recognized expert in customer and employee experience management, as well as brand alignment.
Lynne Gagnon