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Geneviève Bibeau has been a linguist, writer/copy editor and trainer for close to ten years, and is as passionate about sharing her knowledge of the language as she is about the language itself. Her leitmotif—giving people the confidence and tools they need to master French grammar. A stay in Germany prompted by a desire for complete immersion is initially what sparked Geneviève’s love of language—a love that quickly blossomed and eventually lead her to complete a Bachelor’s Degree in Language Sciences including a minor in German Studies and a concentration in French grammar.

The mentoring she provided at UQAM during her last year of studies was the springboard from which her career would flourish. Through this experience, she discovered a passion for teaching and was able to truly understand the frustration and difficulty that many adults grapple with when it comes to writing. Now, as a trainer in the corporate world, in the public sphere and for Service d’évaluation de la TÉLUQ, Geneviève has made it her mission to make French grammar easily accessible to everyone.

Geneviève’s written communication skills, along with her ability to explain things simply and focus on essentials, are at the heart of all her training seminars.

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