Stéphanie Coco Palermo

Since 2010, Stephanie Coco Palermo has worked simultaneously as an English teacher, a writer and a corporate coach. She has completed numerous mandates with various recognized companies in a variety of sectors—namely, Hershey’s, Ubisoft, Konica Minolta and Athos (Urgel Bourgie). Before venturing into the world of private coaching, Stephanie had been working as the head of the English program for a language school. Recognized for her approach that is the perfect blend of creative instruction and humour, Stephanie is focused on building mutually enriching relationships and is actively committed to her clients’ personal growth.

Stephanie holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Communications from the University of Ottawa as well as a Master’s in International Business (Norman Paterson School of International Affairs) and an AEC in creative entrepreneurship.

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Stéphanie Coco Palermo