Richard Buchanan

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Has more than thirty years experience in project management, planning, evaluation, cost controls, construction strategy, management and training. He worked for over four years as a Senior Specialist in Training Program Writing and in Project Management & Control Training. He actively participated in the implementation of the VIGIE project management software and was the Project Leader for the implementation of software packages such as SAP, WIN 2000 and SAS (Strategic Application Security) in the Corporate Affairs and Secretary General.

In the Equipment division, he headed a team of planners, evaluators and supply specialists in repair projects of hydro-electrical power plants for five years, and was also an Electric Project Planner for over ten. He worked as a Project Evaluator and Manager for an independent entrepreneur for six years. He is a Hydro-Quebec Certified Trainer, as well as a PMP-certified Management Project guest coach at Thompson University, Versaille; Pôle Universitaire Léonard de Vinci, France; Madrid, Spain; Montreal and other Canadian cities.

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