Benoit has been involved in business and talent development for over 20 years. As a consultant, manager, professional coach, speaker, trainer, info-taker and mentor for entrepreneurs, his path has led him to help organizations increase their quality of service and sales by helping managers, professionals and business leaders develop their full potential.

Passionate about human excellence, he specializes in High Performance. He is known for his interpersonal skills, enthusiasm, humor and intellectual curiosity. His raison d'être: to help people develop their full potential with maximum results and pleasure.

An outstanding speaker, Benoit literally has animation in his blood! He is a graduate of the Collège des Annonceurs en Radio et Télévision (C.A.R.T.) and was a member of Toastmaster International for over 8 years, winning the title of best speaker in 2005.

He is also the proud founder of the High Performance Academy.
Benoit Jacques