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As Assistant Training Advisor, Annie Booth heads the English for Francophones portion of the program. Annie has trained over 2 200 students at Technologia since 2004. After completing her graduate-level studies in French-English Translation at Concordia in 1998, Annie launched GoGlobal Inc., through which she continues to offer a wide range of services including translation, revision, editing and writing. In addition to her work as a language professional, Annie enjoys sharing her knowledge of and passion for the written—and spoken—word. Since 1999, she has honed her teaching skills in a variety of settings including the adult-education divisions of various school boards, cégeps, government agencies and businesses of all sizes. Using a comparative linguistics approach, Annie aims to help French speakers understand how to avoid and correct their most common grammar and structure mistakes and fine-tune their business writing in order to have a competitive edge in the corporate world.
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