President and Associate Mentor at T-Mentor since 2000 and an instructor since 1985, Alain has trained several thousand people to date.
Renowned specialist in the area of network management and large-scale project management, he is also extensively involved in training and customer support, both at the internal and external level. He is also the creator of numerous expert systems adapted to meet the very specific needs of his clients and business partners.
His acutely developed critical thinking skills, analytical skills and ability to summarize make him a highly appreciated and coveted partner. Together with his remarkable ability to adapt to any situation, these qualities give him the power to carefully assess and tackle any situation and quickly come up with an effective intervention strategy.
An excellent pedagogue who is both structured and organized, Alain Hogue can comfortably and easily adapt to any work team, training group or client. Founding member of Global RADAR as well as the designer of its software program, Alain Hogue is also the company’s Information Technology Director (CIO). Present in over 14 countries, Global RADAR specializes in risk management and compliance applications with a view to preventing money laundering in the financial world.
Alain Hogue