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Have a positive mental posture

March 9, 2021
Rita Tourigny
Have a positive mental posture

Whether it's the end of a vacation, new projects at work or some kind of change in the organization, it creates stress and anxiety. We are not always equipped to deal with them and the negative repercussions on our morale and professional efficiency are harmful.

Rita Tourigny, trainer and coach in personal development, shares some tips and tricks to help you be more positive and optimistic.

5 spheres of life for a more positive posture

Looking at things in a more positive way helps to take a step back from problematic and upsetting situations. The first step is to orient your mindset in solution mode and to think about the how rather than the why. This method allows you to discover a new way of approaching the situation, allowing for a more positive change, less confrontation. By focusing on the "how", we give ourselves the means to act on an actionable element and therefore, to regain control.

"It's all well and good to be positive, but in real life, how do we do it?

Here, according to several studies, are the 5 important spheres of life to consider in order to opt for a more flexible and positive cognitive posture.

  • Adopt healthy lifestyle habits: your body is your engine, so choose the right fuel: a balanced diet or sports make your environment a healthy setting in which you can evolve more adequately. These changes have an impact on your reactions to new or redundant situations.
  • Train yourself to be positive: choose at least 3 daily actions that will allow you to approach things differently: complimenting, whistling, smiling or helping each other. The goal is to find the positive intention of an action that seems negative at first. Training your brain to be in this state more often will allow you to take a step back.
  • Practice gratitude: for yourself and for others. Be grateful for who you are, take the time to look at where you are in life, instead of where you would like to be. Live in the moment!
  • Be aware of your social environment: It is often said that positive leads to positive, so spend more time with caring and optimistic people.
  • Listen to your emotions: One of the reasons why some people adopt a polluting attitude is often because they are used to being in a negative state of mind. Their mind is in a spiral that becomes self-destructive. This is their only model and they don't know how to do otherwise. It is essential to take the time to listen to yourself, to welcome your emotions in order to understand them.


The next step is to improve all the spheres of our daily life, to extract only the positive (because, yes, it is everywhere), to take a step back on all situations (it is easier to make decisions) and to make beneficial choices for your well-being.

"We are not our emotions, we are the creator of our emotions."

Deepak Chopra

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