Louise B. Léonard, CRHA, CCC

Louise B. Léonard, a specialist in human resources management, occupies a unique position among women entrepreneurs. She was the founder and owner of "Léonard et Parisien", the largest independent recruitment company in Quebec.
She has worked as an RCC™* corporate management coach with managers and business leaders since 2006.
As a CCC™* Instructor, she holds the worldwide exclusivity of CCC™* training in French for Advantage Coaching Training and developer Dr. Tim Ursiny, Ph.D, RCC™*, CBC, Instructor RCC™* of Chicago in the United States since 2009.
She also offers this training in English in Canada.
Her philosophy, focused on innovative human resources management, is shared by employers. It focuses on developing employees' full potential, managing their career plans effectively and retaining them with the company.
Her company "Léonard Coaching" offers personalized professional management coaching services.
Her personal and professional values include discipline, exclusivity in management coaching, confidentiality and integrity.
"Human capital" is her motto.
Her vision and mission are focused on this and are a guarantee of success for companies.
Louise B. Léonard, CRHA, CCC