Julien Nicouleaud

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After obtaining a Master’s Degree in Internet and Multimedia Engineering in 2005, Julien started out his career working at Duke as Project Manager for Nissan Europe and Infiniti where he oversaw the creation of several multilingual sites intended for twenty or so European countries. He then headed for London to join the Duke UK team as Senior Project Manager and spent three years managing the design, production and development of several Web platforms for Nissan GB. Julien then moved on to Digitas Health, taking on the role of Project Manager for AstraZeneca. After two years as a UX Manager for Néalite, working on major accounts such as Axa and Apicil, to name a few, Julien is now a UX Consultant for Clever Age. His mission is to share good practices, advice and the methodologies that are essential for a successful user experience. He also hosts co-designing workshops on UX design and ergonomics.
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Julien Nicouleaud