Training and skills development

Training and skills development

The training courses we offer fall into one of three categories:

Catalog Training - Technologia

Which type of training course should I choose?

Catalog training

The training course is ready to be delivered, and the pedagogical material has already been prepared.

Participants can join a public session, in our classrooms (in person or remotely, as the case may be) with other participants from various companies on pre-determined days and times.

Advantages of the public catalog training courses:

  • Improve your professional effectiveness.
  • Develop new knowledge and skills to perform better.
  • Acquire the skills required to facilitate professional advancement.
  • Fulfill the requirements of various professional orders by accumulating the required training hours.
  • Fulfill government requirements (1% law).

Participants can also join an in-house session if this is the option chosen by their organization. Sessions are held within the company at times set by the management team or HR, and participants are all members of the same company.

Benefits of in-house catalog training:

  • Develop knowledge as a team in a uniform and consistent manner.
  • Acquire the skills required to improve team performance.
  • Foster team spirit (team building).
  • Experience the benefits of working as part of a team.
  • Enjoy flexible schedules agreed upon in advance with the trainer.

Adapted training

A catalog training course that can be adapted to meet the needs of the customer. Delivered at your company, adapted training allows participants to:

  • complete a solid catalog training course enhanced to take into account the reality and constraints of the organization
  • develop knowledge as a team in a uniform and coherent manner
  • acquire the skills required to improve team performance
  • foster team spirit (team building)
  • enjoy the training experience together as a team

How it works

The trainer and the client hold a meeting to discuss the client’s needs. This allows the trainer to identify specific requirements and make the necessary adjustments to the original catalog training course.

Adjustments can be made to a portion of the course (adding or removing a module, for example, to better adjust to the current knowledge of the target clientele) or to the course structure (several half-days rather than full days, for example).

Participants who take adapted training are all part of the same organization.

Integrated training - Technologia

Integrated training

A personalized version of the adapted training. It is particularly suitable for:

  • improving the achievement of objectives through on-the-job coaching
  • anchoring learning in the workplace
  • connecting learning to business objectives
  • rooting the training activity in the workplace

How it works

Integrated training includes pre- and post-training activities.


Activities are offered to participants to prepare them to get the most out of the training session, if relevant.

Training course:

The catalog training course is adapted to meet the specific needs of the organization and is given exclusively to employees of said organization.


Post-training support can include targeted interventions, coaching and follow-up measures designed to ensure that employees integrate what they have learned, with the goal of achieving the predefined objectives.

Integrated training is a complementary service aimed at ensuring the complete transfer of knowledge acquired through training to implementation in the workplace.

Request in-company training

If you have more than 8 people to sign up for a particular course, it can be delivered as a private session right at your offices. Contact us for more details.

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