Presentation of services

Presentation of services
Corporate services - Technologia

Why promote the development of skills within organizations?

Organizations that want to remain successful and achieve their business objectives know that raising the skill level of their employees is essential. Doing so allows them to:

  • adapt to changes more quickly and effectively
  • limit employee turnover
  • attract and retain talent
  • promote internal career progression and prepare the next generation of employees
  • strengthen support and mobilization

And, as such, contribute to the performance of the organization itself.

How can we ensure proper development of skills in keeping with company needs?

To achieve this, not only is it necessary to train one’s employees, it is above all necessary to train them well. This is why we offer a wide range of services to meet various needs while remaining consistent with our approach: Train, Perform, Transform.

Train - Training and skills development services

Training can take different forms:

Catalog training

A training course that is open to the public but can also be delivered within a company.

Adapted training

A catalog training course that has been slightly adapted from its public version to be delivered within in a company.

Integrated training

Adapted training that benefits from:

- preparatory activities, carried out BEFORE the training course is delivered.

- follow-up activities carried out AFTER the training course to help participants anchor their learning.

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Perform - Diagnostic Services and Recommendations

Analyze a business problem and formulate a diagnosis

Allows participants to analyze a problematic situation and propose solutions.

Evaluate the quality and effectiveness of an existing course

Allows you to evaluate the weaknesses of an existing course and propose solutions.

LMS and LCMS Consultant

Helps clarify a client's needs and then recommends the appropriate technology from among the many solutions available.

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Transform - Educational engineering service

Modeling knowledge and skills

Analyze the knowledge or skills of an expert in order to create a graphic representation.

Develop a competency profile

Break down each skill into activities, then each activity into tasks.

Associate deliverables with activities.

And obtain a profile, or even a skills matrix.

Design customized training courses

Build a learning solution adapted to the specific needs of the organization or department, based on a robust pedagogical engineering method.

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Corporate services - Technologia

What enables us to offer these services

This service offering is made possible by our unparalleled expertise in the market, which is characterized by several elements:

- History (long-standing presence in the market)

- An evolving portfolio (the range of products offered is constantly evolving)

- A unique pedagogical approach that is truly based on active, learner-centered acquisition of knowledge.

Since 1996, Technologia has been contributing to the development of participants' skills through a variety of teaching and delivery methods. We enable business leaders and managers to improve their performance and that of their teams through courses delivered by recognized experts.

All of our services are based on the logic of active learning by competency and are designed by specialists in techno-pedagogy and pedagogical engineering. Our goal is to continue supporting organizations in a wide range of sectors and their employees in the development of their skills.

With more than 25 years of experience, we are well positioned to recognize that know-how and interpersonal skills are strategic elements directly linked to the achievement of business objectives and the improvement of overall corporate performance.

Photo by Matt Ridley on Unsplash

Photo by Matt Artz on Unsplash

Request in-company training

If you have more than 8 people to sign up for a particular course, it can be delivered as a private session right at your offices. Contact us for more details.

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