Julie is in tune with the daily realities of the workplace, where stress is often omnipresent. In addition to working in the area of corporate health and wellness for over 10 years now, she holds a bachelor's degree in management and is currently earning her graduate degree in training management. A therapeutic yoga and mindfulness teacher since 2006, Julie has also authored several books on yoga, published in France and Quebec.

She now devotes her time to developing training courses and helping individuals in the workplace discover a variety of simple and effective techniques to optimize their overall health. She also works one on one with employees who are on leave from work, using yoga tools and techniques (breathing, movement, relaxation and meditation) to help them return to health.

Her personal experience with these tools and techniques, along with her professional experience working with corporate clients, gives her the assurance that these techniques can help anyone bring calm and serenity to their everyday lives.

Julie Banville