France Lefebvre

In January 2023, France joined the Technologia team after more than 14 years at the head of her own company. As a corporate and management coach, trainer, author, speaker and consultant with a passion for talent development, France pursues her mission to help individuals and organizations reach their full potential. Specialized in organizational development, she has held executive positions in talent management for some twenty years, where she managed large-scale programs related to competency development. She has managed both functional and matrix teams. France has developed her expertise within large national and international companies such as Office Equipment Inc (Canon), Air Liquide Canada, Teleglobe (VSNL International Canada), TC Transcontinental. France holds the following certifications: Certified Corporate Coach, trainer for Virage 180TM: The art of persuading employees to abandon their bad habits, NOVA Profile. She co-authored the Practical Guide to Implementing Professional Co-development Groups, Collaborate and Act | Mieux et autrement (2017). She is a regular contributor to various expert forums sponsored by the Ordre des CRHA. France holds a Bachelor's degree in Industrial Relations from the Université de Montréal and is a member of the Ordre des CRHA.
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France Lefebvre