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A leading IT expert both in Europe and Québec, Claude Marson is the Training Advisor for the Seminars and Trends program. Claude Marson is an associate and, together with Jean-Marie Desaintquentin and Bernard Sauteur, co-founder of Synthèse informatique, a French firm specializing in information technology trends and strategies.

Mr. Marson has more than thirty years experience in computer science. Between 1974 and 1994, he held various posts with Elf Aquitaine, initially as an engineer and subsequently as the director for new technologies. He then assumed responsibility for Elf Aquitaine’s major concern, the implementation of the lubricants division management system.

From 1994, he creates and directs Production Communication Numérique (PCN), a company specializing in the design, realization and hosting of high value-added Interactive Internet sites, whose clients include virtual banks (Worms, State Street Bank), on-line financial auction sites, assets management sites, stores and e-commerce sites.

Since 1969, Mr.Marson has been a permanent contributor to and member of the editorial committee for 01 informatique and Monde Informatique.

He has written more than 3,000 articles for major French computer magazines and four books on computer networks. Mr. Marson creates the first social network of computer trends, LeMarson.

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