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Alexandre Berthiaume is the agile project management trainer at Technologia. Over the last 12 years, Alexandre has worked with several largescale businesses and teams, mainly in the IT field, in order to guide them through the evolution of their Agile skills and help them improve their work practices.

Through various mandates, Alexandre has acquired a generalist skill profile and extensive expertise in coaching, facilitation, professional training, project management and change management. Both his experience and his ability to explain things in simple terms have enabled him to provide more in-depth support and offer solutions that are practical rather than merely theoretical.
Alexandre took an interest in Agility in 2010 and has since filled his toolbox with various practices and frameworks including: Scrum, Kanban, SAFe, Disciplined Agile (DAD), Lean, Lean Six Sigma (LSS), Rational Unified Process (RUP), Enterprise Unified Process (EUP), Application Lifecycle Management (ALM), DevOps, the V-model and traditional project management.

Alexandre holds a diploma in Computer Engineering from Université de Sherbrooke. He has also earned the Certified Disciplined Agilist (CDA) title with the Disciplined Agile Consortium as well as the title of Professional Scrum Master (PSM I) with, Kanban Core with Lean Kanban University and SAFe Program Consultant (SPC4) with Scaled Agile Inc. Alexandre also obtained the Prosci Change Management Certification.

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