Download the PDF version of the Web Interface Development Training Path.

In a world now dominated by the Web, expertise in Web design, development and integration is essential for any company. In order to help you stay ahead of the game, Technologia—in collaboration with Espace Courbe—has put together a collection of Web interface development courses to help meet your needs.

A variety of training paths are available, based on your personal profile and the particular skills you wish to acquire. Knowledge of HTML is, of course, a prerequisite to any of the courses available as part of these training paths.

First off, there is the design portion of the training courses, which is intended for Web designers (graphic designers) and integrators who wish to enhance their ability to design visual elements adapted to different types of media.

The interactivity portion of the training courses are, for his part, intended for developers, but will also be of interest to integrators looking to develop their skills in interface and Web application programming.

Complementary courses are also available for graphic designers and Web managers who want to further develop their skills and knowledge. And, we also offer training on XML technologies and mobility for developers and Web specialists.

Click on any training of interest to view the complete course outline and download the PDF version of the Web Interface Development Training Path. We also invite you to discover the many other Web development courses offered at Technologia.

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