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In today’s world, simply building a quality Web site is not enough if you want to stay competitive on the Internet. What you need are effective Web strategies to ensure your site’s performance and visibility.

Are you a marketing specialist, community manager or webmaster looking to revamp or optimize your site ? Need the tools to achieve this ? Want to implement a plan of action such as an acquisition or loyalty campaign ? Technologia has created two series of courses designed to meet your specific needs, based on your reality — Web marketing and Web strategies.  

The Web marketing series includes courses that will help you create marketing campaigns using the proper tactics and the proper channels in order to manage social media, optimize your paid or organic referencing and write content for the Web.

The Web strategy series, for its part, focuses on clearly understanding all of the steps involved in a Web revamping project—from strategic planning to optimization through to ergonomics and other essential topics such as the importance of identifying key performance indicators for the purposes of enlightened decision-making.

Discover the many courses offered as part of our Webmarketing series.

Course Strategies and Techniques for Web Marketing Course Social Media: Building an Online Community Course Implementing a Digital Media Campaign Course Social Media: Monitoring and Public Relations Course Google AdWords Essentials Course Digital media: Programming and Premium Course A Workshop on Writing Web Pages Course Google AdWords: designing, implementing and optimizing campaigns Course Web Analytics and Google Analytics for Beginners Course Search Engine Optimization: Improving the User Experience Course Google Analytics: Implementation, Configuration and Interpretation Course Rebuilding or Optimizing a Web Site Course Search Engine Optimization: Improving the User Experience