pathways-software-quality-assurance-software-testing-ENDownload the PDF version of “Software Quality Assurance and Software Testing training paths”.

Intended for businesses looking to improve the quality of their products, a training path on software testing and software quality assurance is now being offered by Technologia.

First off, the software testing courses enable participants to learn how to better prepare for the testing phase of a development process in order to reduce visible anomalies.

Through five different training courses, participants will be able to thoroughly understand and effectively conduct software testing (also in Agile mode) as well as learn how to put together a head testing team for a given project or organization.

The software quality assurance (SQA) component is intended for businesses focused on prevention (rather than detection) through the implementation of mechanisms designed to ensure and maintain the quality of products and software processes.

Five training courses are also offered to help better understand SQA through an overview of its functions and concepts, how to carry out SQA as part of a project and how to implement a quality assurance department within your company.

Skills and knowledge are acquired in a progressive manner for all of our courses.

A course on the creation of a quality and testing dashboard is part of both the software testing and quality assurance components. This will enable you to measure test results as well as quality checkpoints.

Click on any course of your choice to view the syllabus and download the PDF version of “Software Quality Assurance and Software Testing training paths.

Training Demystifying Software Testing Training Demystifying Software Quality Assurance Training Conducting Software Testing Training Mastering Software Quality Assurance Training Agile Software Testing Training Workshop on Quality Control Techniques Training Implementing a Testing Team Within Your Organization Training Implementing a Quality Department Within Your Organization Training Creating Quality and Test Dashboards Training Creating Quality and Test Dashboards