Sylvain Desrochers

Sylvain Desrochers has been the Head of the program leading to the Advertising Certificate at Université de Montréal since 1989; he has also been teaching the Publicité et culture (advertising and culture) course for the same program for over 26 years.

Sylvain holds three university diplomas (History, Advertising, Political Science M.A. McGill), and grants from the Department of National Defence. His Master’s thesis focused on strategic-level studies.

A seasoned consultant whom clients entrust with help choosing the right advertising agency, Sylvain has also authored countless articles and two books. He has also been a member of the Montréal committee of Advertising Standards Canada for 15 years.

Intensely passionate, he defines himself as a committed observer of the advertising world who lives by the motto “Let’s raise the bar!”.