Simon Éthier

Strategy Director for consulting firm Adviso for the last 7 years, Simon Éthier develops approaches that help business Web sites obtain the best possible results.

From the initial draft through to quality assurance, Simon works to create approaches that combine ergonomics, organic indexing, Web marketing, sales processes and online support. He has contributed to major projects for leading Québec businesses such as Brault & Martineau, Industrial Alliance, Groupe Deschênes, Alimentation Couche-Tard, Yellow Pages Group, Centraide and many other companies, both big and small.

A regular contributor to Adviso’s blog, Simon Éthier has given numerous lectures on Web strategies and customer experience, most notably during Journées Infopresse, at Webcom Montréal, at the eCOMMTL expo and for Fondation Montréal Inc. He has studied e-commerce at the Master’s level at HEC Montréal and holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Graphic Design as well as a certificate in e-commerce.

A fervent observer of how people operate in their daily lives, Simon is constantly looking for ways to make thing easier, more enjoyable and more efficient. This certainly explains his interest in initial design methods for Web 2.0 shopping sites, many of which re-use common, modular features that are adaptable to many different forms of media. This serves as a great source of ideas and inspiration for Simon, facilitating content development and management while maximizing Web site membership and user-friendliness.



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