Program Advisor

Serge Tremblay

A Microsoft® SharePoint MVP since 2009, Serge Tremblay is, by far, the perfect Training Advisor for this particular program.

Serge has been a SharePoint trainer and consultant since 2001. He is a Strategic Advisor for Victrix and has been the Training Advisor for the SharePoint program of courses at Technologia since 2007.

Serge is also a regular contributor to SharePoint conferences, at which he has been eagerly lecturing since 2007. In addition to this, Serge plays an active role in developing the SharePoint community (as the manager of the SharePoint Québec users group, lecturer, blogger and contributor to Microsoft discussion forums).

His involvement has been recognized by Microsoft who granted him the title of MVP (Microsoft Most Valuable Professional) in 2009. Note that, out of a community of 100 million members, only 4,000 are given the honour of being recognized as Microsoft MVPs. And, most recently, Serge contributed to a publication on SharePoint 2013 launched by Lavoisier in France.



Trainer evaluation

  • 10 Number of courses to calendar
  • 394 Number of training sessions
  • 3491 Number of people trained
  • 2007 With Technologia since