Program Advisor

Sébastien LeBlanc

His years of experience in training, coaching and consulting have made him the perfect candidate to oversee the managing your customer relationships course offer.

Sébastien gaining solid experience (over 16 years) as a consultant, speaker, copywriter and coach in customer service and management. He has a degree in Business Administration from McGill University and is a graduate of HEC Montréal in Marketing.

He has very successfully carried out the individual training and coaching of more than 18 000 people at high-profile organizations throughout Canada in the fields of finance, insurance, at Crown Corporations and in the manufacturing sector.

Sébastien is very proficient in situational analysis and is recognized for his ability to provide pragmatic solutions that truly respond to the expectations and needs of his business partners, using strategies that are applicable to current business challenges.

His approach to training is dynamic, practical, compassionate, down-to-earth, creative and results-based. The principles, techniques and skills he teaches originate in best practices and the most recent business trends.



Trainer evaluation

  • 3 Number of courses to calendar
  • 517 Number of training sessions
  • 4988 Number of people trained
  • 2010 With Technologia since

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