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Pierre Lescarbeau

Pierre boasts over 25 years’ experience in corporate training, coaching and management. He has trained over 10,000 people in various areas of specialty.

Trained in communications, leadership and coaching, Pierre holds a diploma in Neuro-linguistic Programming from the Neuro-linguistic Programming University in California (NLPU). He also studied management at both McGill and Concordia.

In addition to his experience working for a large-scale unionized telecommunications firm, Pierre has also been the head of an international business with close to 200 employees. He is familiar with all aspects of corporate management—start-up, negotiations, team management, etc. Over the years, countless businesses have eagerly entrusted Pierre with a wide variety of mandates—most notably, restructuring, quality-system implementation and team training.

Recognized for his dynamic personality, his finely honed communication skills and his ability to turn abstract ideas into easy-to-grasp concepts, Pierre has a highly interactive training style through which he vividly shares his passion for human nature as well as inspiration, integrity and self-awareness.



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