Pascal-Philippe Bergeron

SEM Practice Lead and Solutions Architect at Adviso, Pascal-Philippe Bergeron prepares digital media strategies for national and international advertisers.

He also heads training for his internal paid-indexing team, ensuring that new technologies are used to the fullest in campaign management.

One of his specializations is identifying key performance indicators to be measured and tactics to be used during a media campaign, particularly SEM campaigns. Pascal-Philippe is a master of such concepts as integrating tags for re-targeting and programmatic platforms. His main areas of expertise, however, are information architecture and paid indexing strategies, optimization of the Vickray auction system used by Google, Big Data, and synchronization of data (1st, 2nd, 3rd party data) between different digital and analytical channels.

With several years’ experience in computer network architecture and over six years’ experience in the area of digital media campaign architecture, Pascal-Philippe has extensive knowledge of new technologies and how they apply to the digital world.



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