Marie-Claude Patry

Marie-Claude Patry has over 13 years’ experience in the field of healthcare, mainly as an ER nurse. In addition to this, Marie-Claude has worked on several clinical training projects for a CSSS in Montréal. As part of these projects, she has been mandated with supervising nursing internships for <em>Université de Montréal</em>, providing the training required to adapt to the implementation of computerized medical records and mentoring nurses with less than five years’ experience.

Marie-Claude has also contributed to implementing the Act to Promote Workforce Skills, Development and Recognition (commonly referred to as Act 90 or the 1% law) by overseeing training and certification of employees within the Réseau des maisons Martin Matte (Martin Matte housing network).

Following this, Marie-Claude was employed as a lecturer/instructor at Cégep André-Laurendeau, as part of the critical care internship portion of the nursing program. Her responsibilities included updating techniques related to care, diagnostics and treatment.

With extensive expertise and the energy and enthusiasm only natural-born teachers have, Marie-Claude is thrilled to be part of Technologia’s seasoned team of trainers—and to have the opportunity to share her knowledge of health and healthcare with others.



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