Program Advisor

François Ronaï

A leader of the e-learning industry in Quebec, Francois Ronai has elaborated training strategies for organisations for close to two decades.

For over twenty years, François Ronaï has helped organizations and corporations elaborate their training strategy. François collaborated to several implementation projects that greatly contributed to the development of e learning at Hydro-Québec, Bombardier, the CSST and Quebec Pension Board, the CIDA, National Bank, Desjardins and Ultramar among others.

A practising expert at the Laval University School of Management and graduate studies short-term program, he assists in the development of seminars in knowledge management and e-learning for businesses.



Trainer evaluation

  • 5 Number of courses to calendar
  • 47 Number of training sessions
  • 297 Number of people trained
  • 2007 With Technologia since