Program Advisor

Evelyn de Blois

Training Advisor for 3 different programs, Evelyn de Blois—through her expertise and extensive experience—is the reference when it comes to training in human capital.

Evelyn de Blois has graduated from the Neuro Linguistic Programming University (NLPU) in California and she specializes in communications and in management. She has over twenty five years experience as a manager, speaker, trainer and coach in business.

Her education and experience at Bell and Bell Sygma Inc., help her provide innovative solutions to the challenges of the rapid and ongoing development of today’s businesses. She has trained thousands of people on how to manage human capital in businesses.



Trainer evaluation

  • 17 Number of courses to calendar
  • 699 Number of training sessions
  • 7324 Number of people trained
  • 2002 With Technologia since