Anne Rasmussen

With more than 20 years of experience in human resources, Anne is particularly effective at bringing to light social and relational dynamics at work within organizations and within their teams

As an attentive professional, meticulous and extremely versatile, Anne understands perfectly well the importance of harmonizing your human resources with your business challenges and objectives.

She has solid expertise in work relations, health and safety, continual improvement and organizational development, including for large manufacturing companies and unionized environments. Before climbing on board with the Sismik venture, she worked as an independent consultant (C3HR) and head of human resources for several organizations, including Resolute and TC Transcontinental. She was also a co-investor in the Profibec enterprise. Anne has a university degree in Finance from UQAM and an MBA from the University of Beijing. She speaks French, English and has a good knowledge of Mandarin.

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