Andrew Edwards

Andrew has over 20 years’ experience as a computer solutions designer. He has worked as a consultant, team leader, director of development, trainer and has specialized in computer standards design and integration.

Andrew Edwards began his career with DEEV Group Computer Systems Inc. He also designed and developed computer products distributed by CS&T, Steltor, Oracle, HP and Netscape. In 2010, he left Oracle’s Server team to pursue his passion as a consultant and trainer.

From the outset of his career, Andrew has played an integral role in countless projects, spanning various areas of specialty. In addition to working in the technical field, Andrew was also chosen to work directly with key clients, helping them resolve deployment problems and assess their specific needs. He has also given numerous in-house presentations and training seminars aimed at improving processes and architecture. As a consultant, Andrew has helped develop systems in various fields (points of sale, inventory, time and resource management, industrial automation and analysis, EDI, search engines, etc.).

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