Alexandre Boivin

An Industrial Engineer specialized in training and ongoing improvement, Alexandre has cumulated over 17 years’ experience including 10 as a trainer. His pedagogical approach is focused around the effective transfer and application of knowledge.

Offering a wide range of training seminars in areas of specialty such as operations management, ongoing improvement, Lean Management and process management, Alexandre has given close to 3,000 hours of corporate training to professionals in both the manufacturing and service sectors. His diverse professional experience has brought him to work alongside hundreds of people as part of skill development and ongoing improvement projects.

Alexandre knows the ins and outs of process mapping, both when it comes to the rules and procedures and when it comes to methods for using process mapping tools such as Visio—a versatile software program Alexandre has been using “for just about everything” since 1998.

Motivated by a passion for professional development, Alexandre is steadfastly committed to meeting the individual needs of his participants so that each and every one of them may find concrete and applicable solutions.



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