UX-PM Certification level 2: Execution


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  • Duration 2 days
  • Regular fee 1 950
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  • Locations
    • Montreal
    • Gatineau
    • Quebec City


Integrate user experience into a project to fulfil business objectives and market demands. Coordinate and implement UX activities at various project phases. Optimize quality and effectiveness of a product or service experience by incorporating the principles of user-centered design. Plan for incorporating UX methods at each stage of a digital project. Prepare practical materials: toolkits and checklists for managing UX activities, creating an RFP to commission UX work.

Targeted audience

UX-PM 2 is deigned for holders of a UX-PM 1 certificate, and for IT leaders and digital project managers, including product directors, marketing managers, account executives and project leaders, who possess 2 to 4 years of experience in managing technology products or services.


UX-PM Certification level 1 (cours UX101) or equivalent experience.

Customer Testimonials

Relevant at many levels at Transat.

Pierre-Éric P. / Designer UI/UX chargé de la direction artistique digitale, Transat A.T. inc.


  • Overview of the life cycle of a user-centered design and its integration into the development process for digital products
  • The relationship between DCU and service design
  • Techniques for rapidly progressing from business objectives to the vision definition and the UX strategy (the value proposition and more)
  • Examples of techniques in qualitative and quantitative research for defining user requirements (such as ethnography and remote studies)
  • Defining design requirements based on the UX strategy and user research
  • Evaluating and testing design solutions (locally and internationally)
  • Planning a UX design process for an omnichannel experience and the project blueprint
  • The implementation phase - collaboration between the UX and development teams
  • Immersion and practice: this course includes a case study including discussions and role-playing in order to sharpen newly acquired skills

Exam Note

The certification exam takes place at the end of the second day of training. The certification exam is composed of a multiple choice test followed by a one-on-one interview with the instructor.


*Unless stated otherwise, all sessions are in French.
  • Montreal

    July 4 to July 5 2017

  • Gatineau

    July 10 to July 11 2017

  • Montreal

    September 25 to September 26 2017

  • Quebec City

    October 16 to October 17 2017

  • Gatineau

    November 1 to November 2 2017

  • Quebec City

    November 20 to November 21 2017

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