June 14 2013


Technologia’s E-learning Space: an online-training platform operated by CrossKnowledge

Technologia is now pleased to offer an online training platform, which includes content on project management, soft skills, management and communications.

Operated and overseen by CrossKnowledge, this new product is available through various types of yearly memberships. Whether through a Project Management Institute (PMI) accredited training path or a simple membership to the platform, Technologia’s E-learning Space is a centralized resource containing over 1,000 learning objects.

Technologia’s E-learning Space gives both corporate and private clients access to top-quality content developed by internationally renowned experts and professors. With the purpose of making knowledge accessible to all, the E-learning Space will be available at a cost of $395 per user, per year. The E-learning Space aims to help clients make the most of the new learning technologies now available to them.

CrossKnowledge: An internationally renowned partner 

In selecting CrossKnowledge as its online training partner, Technologia has chosen a leader in the e-learning market—one that boasts over 3 million users and which provides content that is among the most respected on the market.
This partnership therefore allows our collaborators to benefit from quality educational content and generate training environments that complement the seminars given in our training centres.  
The launch of this e-learning site is a testament to Technologia’s ongoing innovation—in this case demonstrated through services that allow collaborators to be reached anytime and anywhere, allowing the greatest number of clients to continue developing their skills in an ongoing and uninterrupted fashion.

About Technologia

Since its creation in 1996, Technologia Training has earned its place as a training leader in the areas of information technology, project management, professional development, and personal development. The company is renowned for its vast selection of over 250 courses. However, the strength of Technology’s course offerings lies not only in the variety of topics covered, but also in the effectiveness of its training. Courses are offered both in public sessions or through private in-company training.

With over 90,000 individuals trained, over 10,000 training activities and 500 consulting service mandates, Technologia is both highly recognized and coveted for its expertise:

  • Over 1,200 companies, including many in the Top 500, have called upon Technologia for its services
  • In the training industry, Technologia boasts a satisfaction rate that is among the highest in the industry—98.3%
  • You can register for courses at Technologia without worry of cancellation—the company has the lowest public course session cancellation rate in the industry


About CrossKnowledge

With more than 3 million users spread across 25 countries, CrossKnowledge is a Leader in distance learning solutions. CrossKnowledge enables organisations to successfully evolve by developing each individual. CrossKnowledge offers integrated solutions which use exclusive learning formats, amongst the most sought after content in the world and a range of accompanying services, according to a company’s needs. These solutions guarantee a unique learning experience for the individual and a real return on investment for the organisation. 

CrossKnowledge’s learning content and formats are developed in collaboration with an international ‘Faculty’, comprising the best authors, professors and Management professionals from the most renowned Business Schools in the world. CrossKnowledge has created the CrossKnowledge Academy in order to formalise and share its expertise in instructional design and deployment with its clients via certification programmes.

For information: Vanessa Pilon, Marketing and Communications Director
E-mail: vpilon@technologia.ca
Telephone: 514-380-0380, ext. 105