July 30 2014


Technologia launches its new website

Technologia, Quebec training leader in the areas of computer technology, project management and human capital, is proud to announce the launch of its brand new Web site. More practical and modern, and boasting a new minimalist design, Technologia’s new site has been completely revamped from an ergonomic perspective in an effort to make navigating faster and more intuitive, and to ensure that visitors are able to get a clear understanding of everything we offer.

Developed using responsive web design, the new site provides optimal viewing, thereby giving the user more control over his site navigation experience. What’s more, users will enjoy the same visual comfort and ease of navigation whether they are using a laptop, tablet or phone. This new site also features an updated webspace with a completely revamped menu and advanced filters to facilitate searches. Our new and improved search engine provides access to courses, trainers, publications and much more, all in a single click.  

In addition to this, Technologia now offers online training featuring three different training paths in three areas of specialty. These particular training paths are designed to help you acquire knowledge that is in keeping with your specific needs and objectives. Users will also continue to enjoy access to training syllabuses, private training courses, IT consulting services and promotions as well as online training throughout our e-learning space.   

Overall, Technologia’s new Web site is testament to the company’s focus on maintaining a forward-looking approach by exploiting new technologies to the fullest and providing an experience that is as user-centred as possible.  

About Technologia

Since its creation in 1996, Technologia Training has positioned itself as one of Quebec’s top training companies and remains one of the key ongoing training centres specialized in computer technology, project management and human capital. Technologia’s currently offers over 300 training courses.

Estelle Mendy, Marketing and Communications Director
Email: emendy@technologia.ca 
Telephone: 514-380-0380, extension 117