June 8 2015


New Technologia course offering 2015-2016 now available in PDF format

Technologia’s new course offering for 2015-2016 is now available with more than 300 in-classroom and online training courses in information technology, human capital and project management.

Numerous new courses on topics like One Note, MS Visio, Maven, ITIL’s best practices, staff retention, improving your spoken English, employee performance and more are on the calendar for the new season.

In addition, the e-learning space offering has been enriched with new desktop application courses (Word, Excel, PowerPoint) for beginners and experts, with information technology certifications (Cisco, CompTIA, etc.) powered by our new partner Skillsoft, and with our ongoing offer in human capital and project management.

Our 2015-2016 offering equally includes all of our favorites, our new versions and our laboratory courses.

Whether you wish to complete your training in-classroom or online, register now! You can also download our training courses catalog in PDF format.

About Technologia

Since its creation in 1996, Technologia Training has earned its place as a leader among training providers in Québec. As the first ongoing-training centre aimed at professionals specializing in information technology, project management and human capital, Technologia offers a wide range of flexible training options including more than 300 courses delivered in public or private sessions, either in the classroom or online.


Estelle Mendy, Marketing and Communications Director
Email: emendy@technologia.ca 
Telephone: 514-380-0380